Welding Quality Assurance

Welding Quality Assurance

As leader in the provision of welding services, MechTest offers full weld procedure and welder qualification certificate services such as PWPS, PQR, and WPS, in accordance with recognized welding standards and regulations. 

Accredited to ISO 17025 and MechTest offers a comprehensive weld procedure, welder qualification to ensure conformance to code requirements and standards, including AS/NZS ASME, AWS, API,

Welding qualification and certification services

From preparation of PWPS and WPQR documentation and conducting weld inspections and safety checks, to performing Welder Qualification and Weld Coupons testing and creating, reviewing and issuing welder qualification and certificate packages, MechTest welding specialists can support you throughout your journey to become a qualified welder. 

We combine the technical wealth of experience of our CSWIP 3.2 senior welding inspector and qualified AS2214 and AS1796 Certificate 10 welding supervisor with a wide range of highly specialized testing equipment to deliver qualification and certification services that increase the chance of successful repairs in the field, limit the cost of delays and save money.  

Our approach to welder certifications

MechTest can test all aspects of weld procedure and performance qualification to help you achieve your welder certification by providing the following:

  • Qualified generic Weld Procedure Specification sheet (WPS)
  • Range of approval sheet, allowing visibility of procedural restrictions based on essential variables
  • Record of weld test sheet, showing all the key features used to qualify the procedure
  • Monitoring data, each run, as recorded by the weld inspector
  • Parent material certificates
  • Filler material certificates
  • Non-destructive testing reports
  • Destructive testing reports
  • Post weld heat treatment graph/report (if applicable)
  • NATA Endorsement as required

NATA Accredited Welding Procedure Qualification, Welder Qualification and Production Welds Testing in accordance with standards:

Structural welding: AS/NZS 1554 series, AS/NZS 1665

Pressure equipment and vessels/boiler: AS 3992, AS 1210, AS 1228, AS 4041, AS 4458 and AS 4037

Other standards: ASME IX, ASME B31.3, AS 2885.2, ISO 15614-1, API 650, API STD 1104, Lloyd’s Register, ABS Rules Part 2 and CAAP 33-1 (1), AS 1085.20

Coded welder qualification: AS/NZS ISO 9606.1 and AS/NZS 2980,

Our Weld Testing Services Include:

In house CNC milling and turning

Visual inspection,

Macro examination,

Bend testing,

Transverse and all-weld-metal tensile testing

Charpy impact testing

Weld hardness survey,

Fillet and nick break,

Onsite inspection/supervision and

PQR/WPS qualification documentation.

Visual Inspection
Weld Metal Charpy
Large Transverse Weld Tensile

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