Polymer & Geomembrane Testing

Polymer & Geomembrane Testing

MechTest offers polymer testing on a range of polymers and geomembranes such as HDPE, LLDPE, EPDM, PVC, for properties such as weld strength, tear strength, tensile strength, puncture resistance, burst strength, puncture resistance.

MechTest is a leader in butt welded and electrofusion welded HDPE pipe and Geomembrane testing, servicing Australia’s Tier 1 civil construction companies.

Polymers – Testing of Polyethylene(PE), High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) and other polymers

Specimens are machined from supplied samples and tested for compliance to specific standards and can also be assessed against additional client criteria.

Tensile Testing of Butt Fusion Joints – 90-1200mm – ISO 13953
Tensile Testing of Butt Fusion Joints – 90-1200mm – ISO 13953
Peel Decohesion Testing of Electrofusion Joints – ≥90mm – ISO 13954
Decohesion Crush Testing of Electrofusion Couplers and Saddle Assemblies – 16-225mm – ISO 13955
Decohesion Testing of Electrofusion Saddle Joints and evaluation of ductility at the fusion interface – Any Size – ISO 13956
Decohesion Strip Bend Testing of Electrofusion Saddle and Coupler Assemblies for evaluation of joint interface – ISO 21751
Flexural Bend Testing of Polymers – BS/EN 12814-1

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