Custom & Product Load Testing

Custom & Product Load Testing

Load testing is an integral part of bringing a system design into production. Calculated values alone do not necessarily give an accurate picture of how materials and products will integrate together. Load testing provides empirical data to ensure that products meet specifications and comply with required regulations and quality standards.

Scaffolding Assemblies and Components

Testing of Scaffolds and load bearing components such as Transoms and Hop-ups – AS/NZS 1576.3
Testing of Couplers; Baseplates; Jacks; Transoms and Hop-ups – AS/NZS 1576.1
Planks – Stiffness, Strength, Sliding and Slip – AS 1577
Scaffolding Stairs – AS/NZS 1576.1; AS 1657; AS 1170.1

Edge Protection Systems

Impact resistance; Physical security (Rigidity and Strength) – AS 1657
Load Testing of Guardrails, Handrails, post and components – AS 1657

Formwork and Props

Formwork for Concrete – AS 3610
Props – AS 3610; AS 1170

Chemical Anchor Points

Proof Load Testing – AS/NZS 3850.1; AS 5216; BS 8539; ASTM E1512

Covers and Grates

Access Covers and Grates for use in Pedestrian and Vehicular access areas – AS 3996-2006

Ladders and Stairs

Load Tests on Ladders – AS 1892
Load Tests on Stairs – AS 1657


Products and assemblies often require testing that falls outside the norm of traditional testing. Client requirements are vast and varied. We design and fabricate frames, jigs and other bespoke items to ensure custom testing can be undertaken safely and securely to specific standards or client requirements.

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