About us

About us

Our leadership team has decades combined experience in delivering testing services. On staff we have, a NATA technical assessor, experienced Mechanical/Materials Engineers, CNC machinists and Senior welding inspectors.

MechTest has grown from an identified need in the industry for an organisation able to test to demanding standards with a focus on the delivery of timely results. We are competitive, agile, and offer a closer and more personal business relationship to our clients.

Our facilities and systems span the full range of methods for assessing the properties and structural integrity of materials and products; both to Australian and International standards and bespoke to customer requirements.

MechTest destructive testing services for metals, composites, polymers, and elastomers to determine properties, performance, strength, durability, and resistance to factors such as corrosion and fatigue. Our high-quality material testing and inspection services help you to ensure that your materials are compliant to standards and fit for purpose.

Our materials testing services include mechanical testing, fatigue tests, environment testing, failure analysis, and welded polymer testing.

MechTest materials testing laboratory is supported by a range of material analysis and characterisation equipment, as well as non-destructive testing.

With decades of experience testing materials, MechTest has worked as a trusted partner with many of the biggest global names in industry, including brands operating in aerospace, transport, power, energy, construction, medical and marine applications.

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If you would like to contact us anytime to discuss your machanical testing requirements, you can:

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